Bank lobby in 1906 FCN Bank opened its doors on January 2, 1901, the first business day of the 20th Century. The "Franklin County National Bank" opened with $25,000 capital, raised from the selling of 250 shares of stock priced at $100 a piece. That first year, 1901, the bank recorded net earnings of $1,160.97, the first of many profitable years for FCN.

Originally the bank was located at 517 Main Street, what most Brookville residents know as the Poppers Building. The bank occupied the right-hand side, and this Ben Winans photo (provided here compliments of Don Dunaway) shows the bank lobby in 1906.

Bank lobby in 1940 In 1913, the present main bank building was constructed at 501 Main Street. Construction was delayed for many months due to the Great Flood of 1913. This picture shows the bank in 1914. In those days, the back of the bank was occupied by the Brookville American newspaper, and its entrance was near the back on the right.

The bank lobby from 1913 until the early 1950s, when the bars in front of the teller windows were removed, along with other cosmetic changes.

The bank staff in 1961 (below left). People and FCN Bank back in the day