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Online Bank Statements
Go Green and Simplify your life all in one step! Sign up for FCN Bank’s eStatements.

You can enjoy the convenience of having your bank account statements online and available to you at the click of a mouse!

eStatements Features

  • FCN Bank internet banking offers FREE online bank account statements (otherwise known as eStatements)
  • You can save and print your eStatements
  • View up to 18 months of eStatement history for personal accounts and 18 months for business accounts

Benefits of eStatements

  • Protect yourself from mail fraud and identity theft by choosing to view your statements online via our secure website, rather than having your sensitive financial information sent through the mail.
  • Bank account statements will appear online several days before paper statements arrive in the mail.
  • EStatements contain the same information as your paper statement, and can be printed and saved on your home or work PC.
  • EStatements are kept secure and password protected within Internet Banking.

Enroll for eStatements
Step 1

  • Log on to your FCN bank Online account (
  • Select the eStatements tab from the menu bar.
  • The first time you click on the eStatements tab you will be presented with an enrollment screen.

Step 2

  • Click Details to see which account and document types you can enroll.
  • Remove the check boxes from any documents you want to still receive on paper.


Step 3

  • Make sure your email address is correct. If no email is listed , you must fill one in.


Step 4

  • Enter a word or words that you will recognize. This is called your eStatement security phrase. Emails from FCN Bank regarding eStatements will always contain this phrase.


Step 5

  • This step is your key to knowing if you’ll be able to read eStatements online. You must have Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher installed on your computer to use this service.


  • First, click where is says click here. This will open an Adobe PDF document in a new window.
  • In the center of the PDF you will see a passcode word. This word is case-sensitive. Make a note of the passcode.


  • Then return to the enrollment screen and type into step 5.

Step 6

  • Read the terms and conditions then check the box that says “I agree”. Finish by clicking the “enroll now” button.



  • You will receive an email from FCN Bank anytime you enroll or un-enroll.
  • All emails from us regarding eStatements will contain the security phrase you created!
  • Congrats on going paperless and reducing waste!

Receiving Documents

  • You’ll receive an email when your eStatement is ready. Sign on to online banking to continue.
  • Click on the eStatement tab for a listing of documents. Toggle between accounts by using the drop down account listing.
  • Then click view to open the document.


Saving and Printing

  • Because the statements open with Adobe, you can use the Adobe toolbar to save or print (but you don’t really want to print do you?)



  • We retain statements and notices online for 18 months.
  • Be sure to save all your statements to your computer or a disk for future reference.

Security Reminders

  • We will NEVER email you for your personal information. Any email claiming to be the bank requesting personal information such as Social Security Numbers, IDs, or Passwords should not be trusted or opened.
  • Do not write your password down.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Use a different password to access your online accounts than ones you use for other applications.
  • Always exit your online banking session before leaving your computer.