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Bill SunmanAt FCN Bank, our people are our greatest asset. We are truly a local bank, headquartered in Brookville, with offices also in the nearby towns of Batesville, Connersville, Harrison, and Sunman. In this day of banking and other corporate mergers, and the emergence of national and even global banks, some of which operate exclusively via the internet, we continue to provide local, face-to-face service to the communities that we serve. We believe that you prefer to place your trust in people that you know, with people who are your neighbors.

We also believe that support of the community, its organizations and efforts, is part of our responsibility as a local financial institution. That is why we sponsor local groups such as youth sports teams, the 4-H Fair, local police, fire, and EMS.

Drive ThruYou may very well be able to find what appears to be a better rate or deal through an internet-based bank, or from a large banking chain. But we guarantee that you will not find a bank that contributes more back to the communities we serve. You probably won’t see the owners of that large banking chain at your local youth sports game, or volunteering for a local event, but you will see the owners and employees of FCN.

Also unlike many banks today, we have not reduced loan approvals to a process performed entirely by a computer program. That’s right, in many banks a computer determines your loan approval or denial, based strictly on formulas created by centralized banks. That is no way to run a community business.

Batesville CADAt FCN Bank, you can talk to a loan officer that helps determine your loan. We understand the economy of the small town, the farm, the small business owner. And we determine your loan approval locally.

We are committed to remaining independent, keeping local control of the bank, as it has been from its beginning in 1901. As other banks consolidate, move decision-making to far-off central offices, and become as large as to not relate to you or your community, we pledge to remain local, with the highest levels of professionalism and service to our customers and the community. The way we will do this is through our people, local residents serving local residents.


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